Electric bikes

We live in a world of depleting resources and most people love to help out in any way they can. One of the world’s biggest challenges of the modern era is that of finding substitutes for fossil fuels. These power literally everything in our day to day lives, and while we rapidly use them up they are also contributing to the threat of us creating an uninhabitable planet for future generations through global warming.

volto cruiser

Electric cars, while making great inroads, are not quite there yet. Push bikes are excellent for short distances but the fact that most people are unable to turn up to work all sweaty and smelly puts them out of range for most, especially city workers. So what can a person do to reduce their carbon footprint on the world and do their little bit to make sure there’s a planet left for their kids while still not stinking up the office with sweaty gym clothes?

One answer that many are turning to is electric bikes nz, which are turning out to be fantastic transport alternatives for the concerned commuter who lives within few kilometers of their workplace. Volto in New Zealand is one such manufacturer who makes quality electric bikes which have a decent enough range on them that they will easily get someone to work and back on the one charge. At speeds of 30 plus kilometers an hour, you will be getting to work in a decently short amount of time and won’t require a shower when you get there.

volto-TDN08Z-SilverOne of the biggest advantages of an electric bike is that they are dual powered. If you do happen to run out of charge of the lithium battery then you are still able to pedal them manually to your destination. You would have no such luck with an electric car, and would more than likely need an expensive tow truck to get it back to your destination. You don’t even have the luxury of being able to walk to the nearest gas station and back for a quick top up to get going again when you happen to run out of juice in your electric car.

If you’ve been looking at viable green alternatives to commute to work then you really need to check out the Volto range of electric bikes.  They’ve come a long way in recent years and they can go a long way now as well.