Benefit of cycling

Did you ever wonder why cyclists have such big smiles on their faces as they zip by you stuck in a traffic jam? It’s not just because they know that they will get to the office a full half-hour before you! It’s because they know that in today’s age of rising gas prices, low employment and chronic environmental pollution, the choice of transportation they have chosen will have less impact on their wallet and the planet. You too can benefit from this small but significant way to save money and keep it green. Also let’s not forget the impact to your waistline with all the exercise you’ll be getting! We should gen on elelctric bicycles in nz!

First of all the straight up cost of purchasing a bicycle over a car will already save you thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars. The ongoing costs of maintaining a bike are minimal and there are no registration fees or yearly check-ups. The worst that can happen is a flat tyre or an unaligned chain, which you can fix yourself and then be on your way within minutes. No costly roadside callouts either. Every time you pass a gas station you can think of the dollars that you won’t be spending there and you can keep in your wallet, considering that the average cost toward filling a car tank in the US is inching toward $120 the savings are huge. Cycling is a fantastic option for people who cannot afford a car or who are not qualified to drive, nearly everyone, young or old, can ride a bike.

Apart from the manufacturing process, electric bicycles have absolutely no meaningful environmental impact. No oils to spill into waterways, no exhaust to pollute the air. You can breathe easy when cycling, knowing that you aren’t contributing to an already messy situation. If you purchase and electric bike you will have an environmentally friendly means of transport that will help save the environment with the use of pedal assisted motor that helps you pedal your bike based on rechargeable batteries.

And lastly, the health benefits. Did you know that humans need at minimum 20 minutes of moderate exercise a day? Why not make that exercise part of your daily commute? So what are you waiting for? Gas prices are not getting lower, and scientists have unfortunately not invented a magic weight-loss pill. Here’s a fun, quick and beneficial way to get around. Jump on a bike and you’ll never look back!